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EWG 1x Offset Hook - 10 Pack

1x Extra Wide Gap Offset Worm Hooks are the lightest gauge worm hook. Typically used for finesse conditions, thinner soft plastics, or when you want a slow sink "deadstick" bait....

EWG 2x Offset Hook - 10 Pack

High Carbon Steel Black Offset 2x Worm Hooks. This is your general purpose extra wide gap hook. Typically used for light flipping and pitching, dragging worms, or flukes when a...
4/0 EWG 3x Hooks EWG 3x Offset Hook - 10 Pack

EWG 3x Offset Hook - 10 Pack

Our extra wide gap high carbon steel worm hooks are 3 times stronger than traditional EWG worm hooks. A lot of research went into the design of this hook. From...

Wide Gap Weighted Screw Lock Hook - 3 Pack

Great for soft plastic swim baits, and crafted from high carbon steel.  This wide gap weighted screw lock hook helps put the wobble in the CPF Lures Wobbler.  Available in...