Collection: Speed Worm

Speed Worms from CPF Lures  are available in Floating, Slow Floating, Pro & Jr.  Few things in life are as satisfying as the thump of a monster bass, especially on a Thumper Speed Worm. 

Bass down deep don’t know it's coming until it start to rattle your rod tip or whack into their posterior, likely creating its own lure strike. It’s hard not to chuckle and mutter “big boy, nice one” when they go berserk for these magnum speed worms because you know just how tasty it must be! The fact that there is any product remotely like this should astound everyone who knows about the design and engineering gone wild that went into making this possible. 

Our Speed Worms are a quality bait available in Floating, Slow Floating, Pro Formula and Jr. size.