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NINEX 9 Strand Braided Fishing Line - Fade Resistant

  • Revolutionary Design - 9 (that’s right - nine!) strands of ExtremeTuf fibers carrier wrapped for outstanding casting distance and abrasion resistance. The best line diameter to strength rating on the market today.
  • Reverse Spiral Engineering - NINEX is reverse wound so there are no gaps between the wraps! This means less breaks, less friction, less drag, and less noise through the rod guides than any other braided fishing line.
  • Superior Castability - 9 strands make NINEX Braid perfectly ROUND! And our innovative manufacturing technique provides the smoothest finish that offers you incredible casting distance and accuracy.
  • Slinder Coating - The revolutionary process allows for increased knot strength without slippage or weakening the line compared to other braids.
  • Tougher - Laboratory tests showed NINEX braided fishing line had substantial wear resistance compared to other fishing line brands. Perfect for fishing around vegetation and hard structure.
  • Smaller Diameter - New braided technology under high tension to create a live surface that feels smooth as silk, reduced line friction one the spool for better sensitivity and feel with a smaller line diameter than other braids.
  • UV & Water Protection - Incredibly long lasting braided line with UV resistance. NINEX wont swell in water, does not lose knot strength when wet, and is color fade resistant.