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About CPF Lures

CPF Lures was founded in 2020 by fishing Professional, Chuck Pippin Jr. and fishing enthusiast and fishing writer Jason George. They set out to make fishing lures specific for the tournament angler or professional guide. CPF Lures stands for Chuck Pippin Fishing Lures, named after one of the founders, Chuck Pippin Jr.

Chuck Pippin

Chuck began his career as a Bass fishing guide in 1997 on West Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, during his junior year at the University of Central Florida. After graduating, he moved to Clewiston, Florida and spent 5 years as a guide at Roland Martin's Marina on Lake Okeechobee. During this time, he began his career as a professional tournament angler fishing both the FLW Tour and the B.A.S.S. Southern Opens.

In October of 2002, he moved back to the Orlando Florida area to continue his guiding career on West Lake Tohopekaliga, the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and other Orlando area lakes. To this day, he continues to do approximately 300+ charters per year.

iKon Boats, a division of HCB Yachts, renowned for manufacturing luxury yachts and fishing boats, has announced the hiring of Chuck Pippin, Co-Founder of CPF Lures, as the Director of Marketing. This exciting news has garnered attention from fishing enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Jason George

Early in his career he started working on rigging and selling boats for a dealership. Eventually, fishing tournaments on the B.A.S.S. Opens, B.A.S.S. Nations local events, and club tournaments. Additionally, Jason has written over 100 articles about bass fishing and other related topics.

About the CPF Lures Baits

Chuck & Jason noticed a world of opportunity to further enhance a bass fisherman's experience on the water. Mainly when it comes to durability of soft plastics. We wanted to solve an issue:

  1. Increase the soft plastic lures lifespan and fish catches 
  2. Eliminate or reduce lure color fading and cloudiness
  3. Create the most economical products. Durable products that last

All CPF Lures baits are field tested on the Kissimmee Chain and are scientifically engineered for durability and usability. The baits come in 3 different soft plastics: a modified Plastisol, our proprietary 'Pro' formula, and PMR (Floating Plastic). With over 30 years of fishing experience between them, they know what it takes to make a great bait. So whether you're a weekend warrior or chasing bass professionally, CPF has the right bait for you.


Modified Plastisol

Due to the color changes and action variances of certain products, some soft plastic lures are made with a modified Plastisol. These baits are more durable than other brands made of plastisol, have less salt, and are slow to fade. 

Pro Formula

Our Pro Formula is a proprietary product that provides extra durability over the Modified Plastisol but still soft and pliable. The Pro Formula makes it easy to penetrate the bait with a hook yet is durable enough to catch multiple fish on a single bait. 

PMR Floating Plastic

The most durable and "super stretchy" material we offer is our PMR which is a floating plastic. Another proprietary material used in our floating line of plastics. This provides the ultimate durability while reducing the effort for hook penetration. This makes our PMR easier to pin and keep straight than other floating plastics on the market. 

Rigging our PMR baits is simple. If you are looking for a weedless presentation, you must push your hook all the way through the bait and just hide the tip of the hook. If you bury the hook into the bait, hooksets will be almost impossible.

The soft plastics are durable enough to allow for more hook sets, allow you to catch more fish, yet are soft enough to puncture easily with a hook. The spongy feeling of the baits help fish hang on longer due to the true to life feeling.

Partnerships & Collaborations

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  • iKon Boats

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