8" Pippin8'r Worms

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The 8 inch Pippin8'r Worms are a finesse type 'trick' worm. This mega-sized finesse worm has been one of Chuck Pippin's favorites for many years. This worm is an absolute savage when it comes to catching many quality bass. The action on this bait 

This type of plastic worm is responsible for winning major FLW and B.A.S.S. Tournaments nationwide. Finesse, or 'trick', worms are versatile in that they can be fished as finesse baits (shaky head), Texas-rigged to drag along the bottom, Carolina rigged, or even wacky style.

A weightless wacky rigged Pippin8'r worm can trigger even the most hesitant bass. One of the great things about this soft plastic bait is its slender build.  Armed with light weight and smaller gauge hooks allows you to pull the worm through thick grass with ease. 

Video on how Chuck sets up the Texas Rig Trick Worms