7" Thumper Pro - Slow Floater

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The 7" CPF Thumper Pro - Slow Floater is softer, more buoyant version of the Original Thumper Pro.  This unique blend of plastic is softer than the original, while still maintaining more durability than other brands on the market.  The Thumper Pro is the perfect magnum sized bait for swimming weightless  or with a bullet weight through the weeds, reeds, lily pads, over hydrilla or even in open water. 

We call this swimming "speed" worm the Thumper due to the action the tail makes when pulled through the water, even when fished slowly. The action of the tail is subtle and dramatic at the same time. The action of the soft plastic swim worm is something you just have to experience for yourself. 

How to fish the Thumper Pro - Slow Floater Magnum Speed Worm?

Rigged weightless with a 4/0 - 5/0 EWG hook, you can burn the Thumper Pro - Slow Floater over emergent and/or submergent vegetation.  The slow floating action, when paused will allow the bait to slowly sink along weed edges and open areas.