6" Pippin6'r Trick Worm

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Pippin6'r Worms is a finesse type 'trick' worm with a straight tail. The Pippin6'r is designed for finesse fishing or when fish have a lot of pressure. The slender design, subtle action and straight tail makes for an easy meal that bass cannot resist.

You can fish the Pippin6'r in many different ways. Use on a drop shot rig, wacky rigged, shaky head, Carolina and Texas rigged or even weightless deadstick on a spinning rod & reel. If you decide to fish the Pippin6'r worm by Texas rig or Carolina rig, make sure you downsize your hook just a bit.  

6" Trick or Finesse worms have some tournament wins under their belt as well. In 2019 Louisiana pro Dakota Ebare took 3rd place at the FLW Cup from Hamilton. He credited a 6" Trick worm as part of his success.