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8" Lizards

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Color: Green Pumpkin Chart Tail
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8" Lizard Green Pumpkin Chart Tail
Regular price $1.99
Regular price $6.29 Sale price $1.99

The 8 inch lizard by CPF Lures is one of the most iconic soft plastic baits in freshwater fishing. Often called a salamander, the lizard soft plastic bait can be fished in so many different ways including as a top water lure.

How to fish a soft plastic lizard

What we love about soft plastic lizards is how versatile of a bait they are. The tail and legs of the lizard flutter through the water similarly to salamanders or other freshwater amphibians. The slender body makes for an easy snack for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass or even spotted bass. 

We recommend fishing a lizard with a Extra Wide Gap hook in a 4/0 or 5/0 hook. You can rig your lizard Texas Rigged with a light weight or Carolina Rigged for offshore bass on wood piles or grass. 

Another great way to catch bass on a lizard is to rig them weightless either through the nose like a weightless Texas rig. This is a great top water bait to run over hydrilla or in heavily shallow vegetative areas. 

Another great way to rig a soft plastic lizard for bass is with a small hook and wacky rigged through the back of the lizard. You will want to put this on a spinning rod to throw under docks or in pockets of vegetation. 

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