EWG 2x Offset Hook - 10 Pack

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High Carbon Steel Black Offset 2x Worm Hooks. This is your general purpose extra wide gap hook. Typically used for light flipping and pitching, dragging worms, or flukes when a faster sink presentation is needed.

The offset bend is angled down to push suspended baits deeper in the water column. The Hook point sits slightly higher than the eye and offset shank to allow for the hook to penetrate through worms, stick baits, and soft jerk baits for optimal hook penetration.

Each of our worm hooks are rated either 1x, 2x, or 3x. The difference in each of the hooks is the gauge of the wire. The thicker gauge adds more weight to the hook. On "deadstick" or weightless presentations, the heavier hooks allows for quicker fall rates. 

Where a slow fall or almost suspended presentation is best, use a 1x hook. For heavier cover, or flipping where a faster fall rate is better, use the 3x.


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