2.75" Ned Stickler

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Ned Sticklers are the perfect bait for finicky smallmouth, spotted or largemouth bass.

The Ned Stickler is 2.75 inches of bass smashing machine. These Ned rigs are pivotal for summer time bass fishing success. Ned rigs found their success as a finesse bait fishing for stubborn, hard to catch smallmouth bass, largemouth bass or spotted bass.

If you're looking to get into some great smallmouth action this summer then make sure to pick up a pack of these! You'll be hooked in no time with the amazing colors and patterns that they come in! They also have an action which will attract fish from all around your boat! Get ready for some serious fun on the water with these awesome baits!

Order your own pack of 2.75" Ned Sticklers today before they sell out again!