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3" Ned Minnow

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Color: Gizzard Shad
Qty/Pack: 10
Regular price $6.25
Regular price $6.25 Sale price $6.25

The 3" Ned Minnow is actually 75mm (2.95276 inches) which is the most common size bait fish smallmouth, striped bass, large specks, and spotted bass feed on during the winter months. It is an easy size pray bass simply can't resist. The 3" Ned Minnow is sold in packs of 10.

3" Ned Minnow Bait Fish Characteristics

  • Slender Body With A V-Shaped Split Tail 
  • Long Hook Slot For Increased Durability
  • Hidden Hook Shelf for Weedless Presentations
  • Longer Neck To Allow For Ned or Jig Heads
  • Added Fish Flavor - Fish Hold On Longer
  • Realistic Body & Design For Pressured Fish

Minnow Hooks Slot & Size

The 3" Ned Minnow soft plastic lure has a soft composition provide life like action that perfectly mimics bait fish. Yet CPF Lures durable Pro and TPP proprietary blends provide the durability bass professionals look for. This means more time fishing and less time changing baits.

How To Rig The 3" Minnow

The main ways to rig the 3" Ned Minnow is drop shot, jig head, weedless jig head, jig head with a treble trailer hook, on a beetle spin, or as a trailer for an underspin.

Color Profiles & Descriptions

Gizzard Shad - Pro Formula

Gizzard Shad is a soft plastic bait representation of the American gizzard shad. The gizzard shad is a member of the herring family of fish found anywhere from North Dakota in the northwest of the United States south to New Mexico in the southwest, east to Florida in the southeast, and north to 40°N latitude (they have historically been seen no farther north than the lower New York Harbor).

The bait is a two tone "Pro Formula" bait for extra durability. The top is brown with black, green, gold, & blue flakes. The bottom is a smoked color with green, gold, & blue flakes.

Root Beer Green Flakes - Pro Formula

It is not what a bait looks like outside the water. It is what the bait looks like in the water. Root Beer Green Flakes is a perfect example. 

Ghost Shad - PMR

Ghost shad is a semi translucent whitish color made in our super durable and stretchy PMR.

Sexy Shad - Pro

Sexy Shad is a blue semi-translucent top, green semi-translucent bottom made in our super durable and stretchy PMR.

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