10" Ribbon Tail Worms

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The 10 inch Ribbon Tail Worm is one of the best all year big bass baits you can find. Either fished Carolina, Texas rigged, or weightless, the 10 inch worm has incredible action like no other. The curl tail action shimmers in the water and provides a better swimming action than smaller ribbon tails worms.

Fishing the 10 inch Ribbon Tail Worm is a lot of fun. Bass will either hit it like a freight train or slowly gobble it up. Either way, it is a versatile bait that will catch any sized bass. Fishing with worms is one of the best bass fishing baits you can use. Ribbon tail worms are very accomplished baits in the tournament circuits. Recently a major FLW Pro Circuit Tournament had a top 10 finish attributed to a 10 inch Ribbon Tail worm  , where you can fish them either Carolina or Texas rigged. 

There are many companies that offer a 10" Ribbon Tail worm. Zoom, Yum, & Gambler baits all have their own versions of the bait. What CPF Lures did is take a bait that works well, and enhanced the tail to produce a glimmering action in the water.

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