7" CPF Floating Thumper Pro

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The 7" CPF Thumper Pro Floating is our proprietary blend soft plastic lure with incredible durability and action. The Thumper Pro is the perfect bait for swimming weightless through the weeds, reeds, lily pads, or even over open water.

Speed Worm Style Retrieve

We call this swimming "speed" worm the Thumper due to the action the tail makes when pulled through the water, even when fished slowly. The sound of the bait swimming topwater is like no other. Additionally, the wake thats created is similar to bait fish. 

Pop It Like A Top Water Bait

The Floating Thumper Pro is more than a top water swimming speed type worm. Due to its buoyancy, you can stop over grass opening and use it similarly to a popping top water bait. The Floating Thumper Pro will suspend until you continue your retrieve.  

Texas Rigged - Tail Sticks Straight Up

When you fished Texas rigged with a 1/4 oz weight the bait will fall nose forward and stand straight up.