5.5" Stickler Pro

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5.5" CPF Stickler Pro is an incredibly durable soft plastic stick bait. The difference is our proprietary soft plastic blend that creates a lure that's more durable than the competition. The results are more fish, while going through less baits. 

This style of bait is probably one of the highest selling soft plastic lures of all time. The 5.5" CPF Stickler Pro is a durable stick bait with soft lifelike, bait-like feeling so fish hang on longer. This custom material has incredible action.  Perfect for a Texas Rig, Shaky Head, Wacky Rig, Carolina or drop shot.

Over a decade went into field testing stick baits so we could formulate the best bait for all situations. Our 5.5 inch stick bait is the perfect size for small and large fish. The slow sink action pairs well in any finesse or hard fishing situation.

The shape is similar to Senkos, Berkley's The General, or Yum Dinger. When wacky rigging our stick bait the worm will flutter as it sinks.