4" Creature Bait Sunfish - Soft Plastic Lure
4" Creature Bait Green Pumpkin / Watermelon - Soft Plastic Lure
4" Creature Bait Black Blue Flake / Electric Blue - Soft Plastic Lure
4" Creature Bait Gold Digger - Soft Plastic Lure

4" Creature

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Fish with confidence knowing you have the right bait for any situation. The 4" Creature bait is the perfect size for any species of bass.

The 4" Creature Bait is a deadly soft plastic bait that can be fished as a trailer on any jig including bladed jigs such as Chatterbaits, or when a slimmer profile is necessary, you can flip, drag, hop, pitch or punch it Texas Rigged. Now available in 10,25, & 50 count packs and multiple colors!

Get your hands on this versatile bait today to stop fishing and start catching.

A 4 inch creature bait is a type of fishing lure that is designed to mimic the appearance and movement of a small creature or critter, such as a frog, crawfish, lizard or even a small baitfish. These lures are typically made of soft plastic or other materials and are designed to move through the water in a realistic, lifelike manner. They are often used by anglers to target largemouth bass, but can also be effective for catching other species of fish.

One of the key benefits of using a 4 inch creature bait is its ability to mimic the appearance and movement of a live critter. The soft plastic material allows the lure to wiggle and move in a way that is very similar to a live creature, which can be very effective at tempting fish to bite. The lifelike movement of the bait can trigger a predatory response from fish, which makes them more likely to strike.

Another benefit of using a 4 inch creature bait is its versatility. These lures can be fished in a variety of ways, allowing the angler to adapt their technique to the conditions and preferences of the fish. For example, a 4 inch creature bait can be rigged on a jighead and fished on the bottom to mimic a crawfish, or it can be rigged weedless and fished on the surface to mimic a frog or other creature. This versatility allows the angler to experiment with different techniques and presentations to find what works best.


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