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CPF Lures Brand Assets & Permissions For Use. 

Thank you for your interest in carrying the CPF Lures brand on your boat, truck or fishing jersey. You are the reason we work so hard day and night to bring you the best possible lures and fishing gear possible.

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CPF Lures Permission & Exceptions

  • We grant you permission solely to display the CPF Lures logo on your boat, truck or competitive jersey.  Any other usage must be approved in writing at our sole discretion.
  • Permission for using our logos is intended for promotional purposes only with all such use inuring to our benefit, and is not to be used for any other purpose than what is specifically stated above, including duplication for use on goods for sale.
  • As an informal ambassador of the brand you will be representing our company- please conduct yourself with respect and dignity at all times .
  • You agree not to use the logos in any way that would tend to diminish the goodwill of the logos or bring us into disrepute, and further agree not to use the logos in any manner which might be considered negative or disparaging.
  • Manipulation, alteration, blurring, or distortion of the logos is not permitted. 
  • Any fees associated with the use of this logo are your responsibility 
  • This permission does not create any formal legal relationship between you and us, or any of our brands, and no rights whatsoever in the logo will accrue to you from the use permitted herein. 
  • We retain the right to revoke this permission at any time.