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Burnt Tungsten 1/2 oz No Chip Worm Weights

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1/2 oz Burnt Tungsten Flipping Weight
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1/2 oz Burnt No Chip Tungsten Worm Weights by are an environmentally friendly alternative to lead weights. Tungsten weights are smaller than lead, brass, or steel worm weights. Sold individually - Buy just 1, or buy 10, they're packaged upon purchase. 

Our 1/2 oz (14g) 97% pure Tungsten fishing weights will never fade or chip. The perfect weight for flipping, pitching, or casting into rocks, brush or docks without a scratch.

Why Is Tungsten Better Than Lead?

Tungsten is a much denser metal than lead, which means that a tungsten weight of the same size will be heavier than a lead weight. This allows you to use a smaller, more compact weight without sacrificing weight.

Are Tungsten Weights More Sensitive Than Lead?

Tungsten weights are also more sensitive than lead weights, which can be useful when fishing in clear water or when fish are being finicky. Additionally, tungsten is less toxic than lead, which makes it a safer option for the environment.

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