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8" Pippin8'r Worms

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Color: Black Blue Flake
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Pippin8'r Worm Black Blue Flake
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The 8 inch Pippin8'r Worms are a finesse type 'trick' worm. This mega-sized finesse worm has been one of Chuck Pippin's favorites for many years. This worm is an absolute savage when it comes to catching many quality bass. The action on this bait is unlike any other as the tail floats above the weight on a Texas Rig or Shaky Head.

Pippin8'r Magnum Finesse Worm Bass Tournament Wins

This type of plastic worm is responsible for winning major FLW and B.A.S.S. Tournaments nationwide. The latest victory happened Febuary 4, 2022 in Kissimmee Florida at the Bassmaster Open. Ron Shakespeare took 1st place and Jerrod Albright took 2nd place as Co-anglers using the Pippin8'r in Dirty Albright. Jerrod requested the custom color so the bait is named after him.

Ron Shakespeare & Jerrod Albright 1s and 2nd Place Bassmaster Open 2022

How to fish magnum finesse worms

Finesse, or 'trick', worms are versatile in that they can be fished as finesse baits (shaky head), Texas-rigged to drag along the bottom, Carolina rigged, or even wacky style.

Fishing with magnum finesse worms is a highly effective technique for targeting big bass. Cast your line out and let the worm sink to the bottom. Once it's on the bottom, give the worm a slight twitch to mimic the movement of a live worm.

This will often trigger a bite from a nearby fish. If you don't get a bite right away, try slowly reeling in your line and giving the worm occasional twitches as you retrieve it.

This technique can be very effective for finessing big fish and getting them to bite. It's important to be patient and keep trying different techniques until you find what works best in a given situation. With a little practice and some trial and error, you'll be catching big fish left and right with your magnum finesse worms.

Why do fish like magnum finesse worms?

A Pippin8'r worm can trigger even the most hesitant bass. One of the great things about this soft plastic bait is its slender build.  Armed with light weight and smaller gauge hooks allows you to pull the worm through thick grass with ease. 

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