Who Makes the Best Senko? Yamamoto Senko vs. CPF Lures Stickler Pro

Who Makes the Best Senko? Yamamoto Senko vs. CPF Lures Stickler Pro

Who make the best Senko? Well, Gary Yamamoto is the only one that actually makes a real Senko. Many years ago, this simple soft plastic stick bait took the Bass fishing world by storm. And, the Yamamoto Senko quickly became one of the most popular lures for Bass anglers of all skill levels.

It's a versatile soft plastic lure that can be used in many ways... Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, weightless/weedless, wacky rig, flipped and pitched in heavy cover, or around wood and docks. It does it all. From Largemouth Bass, to Smallmouth, to Spotted Bass, it can produce bites year 'round. So, here's the question...

Are Yamamoto Senko's the best soft plastic lure stick bait on the market? Virtually every lure company you've heard of has copied it. Some are cheaply made, and some are well made. I've personally been using them since they were first introduced to the market. Some brands are very durable, but don't have good sinking action. Some are loaded with salt, easily cast off your hook, or last for only one or two fish.

I've tried them all. I've been Bass fishing for a living, as a professional guide and tournament fisherman, for over 22 years, and recently launched my own lure company, CPF Lures. I did this to solve many of the problems I saw in lure industry. With my business partner, we set out to simply create baits that work. Baits that are designed to catch fish, not fishermen.

Obviously, we did not design, or create, the Senko. Gary Yamamoto did. We just feel that we've made  a better stick bait with the introduction of our 5.5" Stickler Pro. Hope you enjoy the video!

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