Lake Toho Bass Fishing Guide. Best Baits For Bass Fishing

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Guide. Best Baits For Bass Fishing

In this bass fishing guide we focus on the home lake of Captain Chuck Pippin Jr. Lake Toho (Lake Tohopekaliga) Our Toho Bass Fishing Guide will cover the best baits, and colors to catch your next trophy bass. 

Lake Toho Bass Fishing Guide

Lake Toho Trophy Bass Fishing Guide

One of the largest misconceptions when fishing for that trophy bass on Lake Toho is the bigger the bait the bigger the bass. There are certain times of the year where this holds true. However, most of the year this is not the case!

The Absolute Best Baits For Bass On Lake Toho

Its very difficult to only choose a few baits to always have tied on in your boat. The truth is, most baits are situational. Meaning the fishing bait have a high likelihood of a fish strike but only during ideal conditions. A frog or other top water bait is a perfect example of this. Here is our list of the top 5 baits to always have tied on.

  1. Straight Tail Fishing Worm
  2. Stickbait aka Senko
  3. Speed Worm
  4. Bladed Jig aka Chatterbait with a trailer
  5. Jerkbaits both soft and hard

Straight Tail Fishing Worm


Stickbait (Senko) 


Speed Worm


Bladed Jig aka Chatterbait, Jack hammer, Slobberknocker ETC.


Jerkbait - Both Hard & Soft

If you have ever fished Lake Toho, then you know the lake is full of grass. 

West Lake Toho Bass Map

West Lake Toho Map of the Lake

When In Doubt: Hire the best Lake Tohopekaliga Fishing Guide


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