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5" Stickler

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Sticker Sunfish
Regular price $1.99
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A 5 inch stick bait is a versatile and effective lure for catching bass. These lures are designed to mimic the appearance and movement of small fish, making them appealing to bass that are looking for a tasty meal.

What is the difference between the Stickler & Stickler Pro?

The 5" Stickler is made from traditional plastisol and is lightly salted. The 5.5" Stickler Pro is made from CPF Lures proprietary "Pro" formula. 

Why 5" stick bait (Senko, Lunker Log, The General)  vs other sizes?

One of the great things about 5 inch stick baits is their size. They are small enough to be used in a variety of fishing situations, including in shallow waters, around weeds and other cover, and in open water. This makes them a great choice for anglers who are fishing in a variety of environments and need a lure that can adapt to different conditions.

How to fish the 5" Stickler?

When fishing with a 5 inch stick bait, it's important to choose the right color. In clear water, natural colors like silver, gold, and brown can be effective. In murkier water, bright colors like chartreuse, orange, and pink can help the lure stand out and attract the attention of bass. The great thing about the Sunfish color is its similar to most pan fish that bass love. Its great in any water except gin clear.

Why is the 5" stick bait so popular?

One of the key features of a 5 inch stick bait is its action & size. These lures are designed to have a natural, fish-like swimming motion that is irresistible to bass. When fished wacky rigged, the bait slowly flutters to the bottom. This mimics a wounded or dying baitfish. When Texas rigged, it can be worked like a bait fish that is feeding or swimming to hide from predators.

In addition to their size and action, 5 inch stick baits are also effective because they can be fished using a variety of techniques. They can be slowly retrieved along the bottom, jigged through the water column, or even hopped and popped along the surface. This versatility allows anglers to experiment and figure out what works best in a given situation.


Overall, 5 inch stick baits are an excellent choice for bass fishermen. Their size, action, and versatility make them a great option for anglers who are looking to catch more fish and have more fun on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, these lures are sure to be a valuable addition to your tackle box.

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